Angeles Hike


My plan this weekend was to go camping and to some hiking. Unfortunately, I was unaware of the CA Parks policy of having to reserve my spot 48 hours in advance. I called around to some ranger stations but no one picked up at any of the stations. So, I gave up on the trip. 

However, on Sunday, I was able to get away from the city for a while with my fiancé, Britta. We just drove North and got lost in the hills - this is one of our favorite things to do with a weekend day. This time we found ourselves in the Angeles National Park. It was absolutely beautiful. We parked our car and did some hiking and cleared our heads.  

I would have loved to spend the entire weekend in the mountains and hills but even getting away for a day is refreshing.  

Today, I'm back in The Valley and back to work. three weeks I will be back to Angeles. But this time I'll be camping!