Catching Up

I feel like a lot of my posts or my personal journal entries begin with the line, "It's been a while since I have written." I was about to begin this post with the same... and now I guess I did in a way. 

I don't even know what I have updated on and what I have not. I'll make it quick:

I ended my 90 day goals and gave a talk at work that went over well. I didn't hit all of my goals but did a lot more than I would have if I had not set any. I'm looking forward to doing some more but may not be publishing them as much... or at all. We'll see. 

I did my stand-up at Flappers in Burbank for Uncle Clyde's Comedy Contest and I won the first round. I then went to the finals on Tuesday, June 7 and I did not win there but had a great set and had a bunch of friends come out and hang-out after! I'm looking forward to doing more stand-up and I have really enjoyed it. It is a completely new challenge and I have a lot of respect for the guys that won. They have put in their time and it shows. 

I've been doing a lot more comedy and writing lately. I have been improvising with my buddy, Mike Wilson at various venues around town; The Pack Theatre, iO West, Second City Hollywood, The Open Space Theater and a few more. It's nice to get out with Mike again and improvise. 

I submitted a script for Draft Night with Some Assembly Required, LA a little while back and was selected to do a short film for one of their shows. I am extremely excited for the opportunity. I have a tremendous amount of respect for the folks who run Some Assembly Required and for the quality of work that I have seen produced there by the folks involved. I will update on this project as it moves along. 

Lastly, I had a huge opportunity in May with the boys of Slap! I am not able to talk a whole lot about the project but I will definitely be updating as I am allowed. 

It has been a busy and fantastic last couple of months and I am looking forward to more.