Against The Wind - The Seger Shirt

What do you do when you can't really fit into your favorite shirt anymore because you've gained too much weight? You get off your ass and work extremely hard to get back into it and claim your rightful place as "Guy With The Badass Bob Seger Shirt!"

I understand that no one really needs to know about the fact that I am going to try to lose weight... again. Who really wants to see another shithead online talking about their fitness?! Answer: No one!  I don't even really want to write about this.

However, I recently read an article that says that people that post on social media about their fitness routines and weight loss may be more narcissistic than others. The article also states that the fitness poster derives a sense of worth and acceptance from the likes. It also states that the people "liking" the posts probably don't really mean it and they probably, actually hate the person doing the posting. If so, I hope to get a ton of likes and fake support that will help me on MY journey. Screw  your journey! 

If you don't understand now, you'll understand when I'm super healthy and sporting a badazz Seger shirt!