New Bike!

A big part of my 90 day goals has been listening to the Tim Ferriss podcast. The podcast was part of the inspiration for setting some big goals and chasing after them. 

A little while back Tim Ferriss had Mr. Money Mustache on the podcast. It was a fantastic episode dealing with budgeting, saving, some investing and lifestyle. I got a lot out of it and I'm looking forward to exploring the Mr. Money Mustache site even more.  

One of the big takeaways was how Mr. Stache rode his bike around for most day-to-day chores and getting around. He talked about how it was good for his budget as well as overall happiness. This was the straw that finally broke the camel's back. I had to get a bike... again!



I called my buddy, John Hughes at Downtown Detroit Bike Shop and asked for some direction on a good bike on a limited budget. He pointed me to Austen at Pure Cycles in Burbank.

I met up with Austen and he squared me away on a Pure Fix Premium bike - The Kennedy



I've been riding my bike every day since I picked it up. I ride it to work now as well. It's about 14 miles round trip and I feel 100 times better at work and after work. The 30 minute ride is perfect for clearing my head. 



If you're up for riding let me know. It's always fun ripping around with other people especially when the destination is a good place to eat or grab a drink. 


if you're looking for a good bike from some good folks that won't break the bank, I suggest stopping by Pure Cycles in Burbank. If you're in Michigan, stop into Downtown Detroit Bike Shop & Downtown Ferndale Bike Shop. They will take care of you. 

See you out there!