Halfway Point - Healthy Dose Of Reality

Just about halfway into my 90 day goals. Some goals are going well, others I have not been doing well with. 

A couple weeks into setting these goals I realized how difficult it was going to be to implement so many changes all at once. At times I have felt like I am doing well and other times I have failed miserably.

A week or so back I felt completely overwhelmed by the goals and working to attain them. I basically shut everything off for a few days and regrouped.

I have a tendency to be extremely tough on myself and if I slip even a bit, I get discouraged. I keep thinking of the Tim Ferriss quote from one of his podcasts... I believe it was on the slow carb diet. Anyway, the quote is, "Don't abandon the good plan that you will stick to for the perfect plan that you will quit." That is something that I need to implement myself. Right now.

I have been trying to go from zero (or close to that) to 100 mph. It just doesn't work like that. I have some trusted plans for eating and working out that I like and I know that I will stick to... or at least will have a better chance of sticking to it.

It is tough to deal with roadblocks and difficult to not do as well as I'd like to be doing. At this halfway point, I can get down and bummed about what I haven't done or I can get going on what I need to do.