All Registered Up For The Ol' Terrain Race!

Goal 5: Register for two 10K races.

Yesterday I registered for Terrain Race - SoCal. This obstacle course race will take place on March 4th - which happens to be the weekend right before my 37th birthday (March 6). I will be doing the 10K run along with a few buddies. Our team is, "Little Lebowski Urban Achievers".

 "and proud we are of all of them."

"and proud we are of all of them."

Being that this is an obstacle course race, it perfectly compliments my other ninety day fitness goals

I am happy to be doing this with a group. I can definitely use the motivation and the group of guys that I am currently signed up with is similar in that they like to push themselves.

Now it's time to get working out... even harder! 

Let me know if you are interested in registering and joining the team. We'd love to have you and we'd love to party with you after!