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Jamen Spitzer



Cell: 248-459-0395

Additional Attributes

Weight: 235 lbs     Hair: Brown          Height: 6’1”          Eyes: Brown



Harlan V11                             Supporting            Detroit Lives

Beautiful (Eminem Music Video)     Principal               Dir: Anthony Mandler

Minute Maid                           Lead                   Doner        

Ford                                      Principal               Mindfield

Merilatt Vs Life                       Lead                    Hanson Inc.                  

Agent Mango                          Supporting            Final Five Productions



Cancer: The Musical                Dr. Benj Harris      Marlene Boll Theatre

Bringing Up Baby New Year     Multiple Roles       Planet Ant Theatre

Sirs                                        Ben Mills              Planet Ant Theatre

Night Of The Living Dead        Sheriff Zeb           Majestic Theatre



Planet Ant Theatre                   Home Team          Planet Ant Theatre

Go Comedy Theater                Resident Cast        Go Comedy Theatre      


Training and Education                                                                        

Second City                   Multiple Teachers           Conservatory Graduate    

Second City                   Margaret Edwartowski    Graduate Program

Second City                   P.J. Jacokes                           Audition Workshop        

Second City                   Quintin Hicks                 Character Workshop               

Special Talents                                                                                    

Experienced improviser, Drummer, Professional Magician & Juggler, Experienced Presenter, Host & Emcee, Singer, Vocal Range: Baritone, Baseball, Fishing, Football, Golf, Ice Skating, Jump Rope, Ping Pong, Rollerblading, Running, Archery, General Shooting – Revolver, Automatic, Rifle, Skeet/Trap, Softball, Weight Lifting, Whistling,